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Everyone knows reputation is everything. That’s why we, at our tile store in Sacramento, CA, believe in the importance of offering our clients only products from the trustworthy, time-tested, and world’s most well-known tile brands.

Are you looking to buy tile in Sacramento, CA? We are proud to offer virtually unlimited tile options, so you will surely find that perfect tile you have been looking for. Feel free to browse our huge online collection or visit our tile store for the best tile selection!

ABK Ceramica
ABK CeramicaFinale Emilia (mo), ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
In finding the ideal balance between technical performance and natural beauty, ABK Ceramica has become an essential Italian tile company. With both floor and wall tiles available in an abundance of options, there are always gorgeous options for enhancing the sophistication and splendor of both interior and exterior spaces.
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American Olean
American OleanLansdale, PAAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
Whether you’re renovating an expansive lobby or a cozy living space, American Olean has a renowned catalog of superior American tile for all purposes. In addition to being of the highest technical quality, tiles are available in effects as diverse as stone, mosaic, and wood, just to name a few.
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ApariciAlcora, SpainSpanish tiles in Sacramento, CA
Driven by a commitment to both its customers and employees, Aparici has been specializing in captivating Spanish tile designs for decades. The company’s exceptional reputation is intertwined with its values, which include crafting the highest-quality tiles that push the limits of ceramics and porcelain while respecting our natural environment.
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ApavisaCastellon, SpainSpanish tiles in Sacramento, CA
At the heart of Apavisa is a breathtaking selection of porcelain tiles that can be incorporated into any kitchen, bathroom, living space, bedroom, or commercial space. The Spanish tile company excels in producing tiles that seamlessly emulate stone, metal, terrazzo, textile, and a plentiful assortment of other premium materials.
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Ariana Ceramica
Ariana CeramicaReggio Eillia, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
Eccentricity adds flavor and excitement to life, and no company understands this better than Ariana Ceramica. As a leading innovator when it comes to Italian tile, the company produces a phenomenal array of porcelain stoneware tiles in terrific effects, colors, and designs to achieve any desired appearance.
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Arizona Tile
Arizona TileTempe, AZAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
Selection is key at Arizona Tile, both in terms of the abundance of options available to customers and determined efforts at the company to only supply the best possible tiles. The American tile company has a variety of tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications to suit any need.
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Armonie Ceramiche
Armonie CeramicheSant’antonino Di Casalgrande, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
Each Armonie Ceramiche tile is both sophisticated and subtle, giving it a refined classiness that effortlessly upgrades any home or business. The company is a prime example of Italian tile excellence, with technologically-advanced production techniques combining with modern design sensibilities for a truly exceptional result.
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Artistic Tile
Artistic TileNew York, NYAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
Backsplashes, fireplaces, walls, and patios all benefit from the unparalleled beauty of an original design from Artistic Tile. The American tile company more than lives up to the promise of its name with magnificent, seminal takes on modern residential and commercial spaces for an unimaginably beautiful outcome.
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Ascot Ceramiche
Ascot CeramicheSolignano Di Castelvetro (MO), ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
Bring even the most ambitious of interior design goals to life with an exquisitely-designed tile from Ascot Ceramiche. The Italian tile company has decades of experience crafting imaginative solutions for both businesses and homes, and that creative spirit can be employed to heighten any space of your choosing.
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Bedrosians Tile & Stone
Bedrosians Tile & StoneFresno, CAAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
Bedrosians Tile & Stone, an American tile brand that has been going above and beyond for decades, excels in variety and style. The company’s catalog is filled with exceptional options for both floors and walls, with unique collections to suit any stylistic preferences in a home or business.
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Cerajot USA
Cerajot USASacramento, CAAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
Cerajot, a prominent wholesale distributor of porcelain tiles. Cerajot offers an extensive selection of porcelain tiles suitable for various applications. Explore the diverse range of styles, colors, sizes, and finishes that Cerajot provides, and elevate your interior or exterior spaces with the enduring elegance of their porcelain tiles.
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Ceramica Rondine
Ceramica RondineRubiera, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
The perfect tile is always waiting to be discovered within Ceramica Rondine’s wide-ranging porcelain stoneware collections. The Italian tile company invites customers to choose from an expansive selection of unique effects, ambiances, and colors to match the architecture and stylings of any public or private space.
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Ceramica Sant’Agostino
Ceramica Sant’AgostinoSant’Agostino, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
Ceramica Sant’Agostino has been crafting 100% of its porcelain and ceramic tiles in Italy for decades, elevating it to premier status among pure Italian tile companies. Thanks to a fantastic array of effects and colors, you can bring that Italian beauty into your home or business with ease.
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Ceramiche Piemme
Ceramiche PiemmeFiorano, MOItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
Ceramiche Piemme has undoubtedly undergone a massive transformation since its founding many decades ago, but the company’s core values remain unchanged. Versatility, modernity, reliability, and proactivity for commercial and residential spaces have elevated the Italian tile company to principal status among ceramics producers across the globe.
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Ceramiche Supergres
Ceramiche SupergresCasalgrande, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
Achieving superior results with ceramic has always come naturally to Ceramiche Supregres. Effects that range from stone and wood to marble and mosaic offer plenty of choices for updating a small space or revamping the design of an entire home. Count on this company for Italian tile excellence without compromise.
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ColorkerAlcora, SpainSpanish tiles in Sacramento, CA
Fueled by expert designers and a team of consummate tile professionals, Colorker has completely redefined Spanish tile. By putting all focus on ceramics, the company has been able to create seamless representations of marble, textile, wood, metal, and more with the durable and safe properties of ceramics.
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Cooperativa Ceramica D’Imola
Cooperativa Ceramica D’ImolaModena, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
It’s rare to find a forward-thinking company that has been around since the 1800s, but that is exactly what has led to the continued preeminence of Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola. The Italian tile company oversees multiple exciting brands that all produce prestigious ceramic tiles for residential and commercial uses.
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DalTileDallas, TXAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
Transforming the look and feel of a space is a breeze when you choose DalTile for your home or business. With exceptional porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone tiles – and additional looks that include marble, wood, and mosaics – the American tile company’s selection is essentially bottomless.
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Del Conca USA
Del Conca USALoudon, TNAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
Formed by a group of like-minded tile visionaries in the year 1979, Del Conca is an American tile brand with Italian product inspirations. Having started in San Marino, the company made the bold move over to the United States and hasn’t looked back since. In 2019, the company celebrated 10 years of consistent service in the North American tile market.
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EdimaxastorSolignano, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
Bringing together rich Italian tile influences with the usefulness and practicality of porcelain is at the center of Edimax’s business. Each tile the company produces for kitchens, bathrooms, and all types of commercial spaces is also 100% eco-compatible for a finished design project that you can be proud of.
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ElysiumAnaheim, CAAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
Elysium’s tiles draw influences from a multitude of natural sources for a catalog marked by appealing designs and rich colors. In overseeing a broad collection of porcelain, ceramic, marble, and mosaic tiles, the American tile company offers countless solutions for beautifying commercial and residential spaces.
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EmilceramicaModena, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
In borrowing influences from all parts of society and culture, Emilceramica is able to achieve a contemporary tile that can enhance the grandeur of both homes and businesses. This Italian tile company is based in Fiorano Modenese, province of Modena, and the beauty of this region is visible in each produced tile.
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Emser Tile
Emser TileLos Angeles, CAAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
Porcelain, ceramic, glass, mosaic, and natural stone tiles are all available to those considering Emser Tile. As an American tile brand with extensive experience in crafting tiles for both indoor and outdoor spaces, Emser Tile exports its tiles for luxury design projects in more than 20 countries.
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FlavikerSolignano, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
Enrapturing designs, vibrant colors, and impeccable build quality have made Flaviker a coveted supplier of Italian tile in the United States. The company’s catalog is filled with effects like contemporary, stone, marble, and wood to bring plenty of variety to a wide selection of porcelain stoneware.
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Florim USA
Florim USAClarksville, TNAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
By incorporating refined Italian influences into an unequaled American tile, Florim USA has paved a singular path in the tile industry. The beloved provider of porcelain tile is constantly adding to an impressive catalog brimming with indoor and outdoor solutions for both floors and walls.
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GambarelliSolignano (mo), ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
A ceramics innovator since 1970, Gambarelli has never been held back by limitations. Instead, the company has taken ceramics design and production to the next level with a line of Italian tile that is equally suited to the functional and aesthetic needs of residential and commercial spaces.
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Gardenia Orchidea
Gardenia OrchideaModena, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
With full control over every aspect of the manufacturing process, Gardenia Orchidea is able to achieve a level of quality that is rare even in the world of Italian tile. The company’s ceramic tiles range from simple and clean to vivid and enthralling for a collection that offers infinite possibilities.
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GeotilesCastellon, SpainSpanish tiles in Sacramento, CA
Entrenched in the ceramics hub of Castellón for many years, Geotiles has built a reputation on leading porcelain production techniques that create exceptional results. There are ceramic and porcelain tiles for a limitless array of residential and commercial spaces, elevating this Spanish tile company to premier status.
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Impronta Ceramiche
Impronta CeramicheModena, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
Only the finest raw materials are selected for usage in Impronta Ceramiche’s celebrated tiles that span both contemporary and modern styles. The commitment to quality doesn’t stop there, however, as advanced technological processes are employed across collections of ceramic tiles that are the essence of Italian tile excellence.
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Isla Tile
Isla TileViano, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
With superior tile solutions for both interior and exterior settings, Isla Tile is a versatile supplier of ceramic products that has earned its prestige among Italian tile companies. The creative designs simply spark the imagination, and designers of all kinds have relied on the company for exceptional results.
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La Fabbrica
La FabbricaCastel Bolognese, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
La Fabbrica was formed to provide Italy and the rest of the world with high-quality ceramics for floors and walls, and that mission continues to guide the Italian tile company through the present day. Bring unrivaled beauty to your home or business with a stunning design from La Fabbrica.
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Marazzi USA
Marazzi USASunnyvale, TXAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
Countless Marazzi USA collections are made right here in the United States for a proudly American tile. The company’s rich Italian history is clearly evident in its innumerable collections of ceramic tiles that include effects as diverse as marble and mosaic to natural stone and wood.
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Marca Corona
Marca CoronaSassulo, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
The designers and craftsmen at Marca Corona have harnessed an unimaginable degree of finesse to create an astonishing line of fine Italian tile for all applications. Living rooms, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, and commercial settings are all ideal settings for a Marca Corona tile to reveal its inner beauty.
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MS International, Inc.
MS International, Inc.Orange, CAAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
Porcelain and natural stone tiles for floors, glass tiles for backsplashes, and ceramic tiles for walls are just a few of the options available at MS International, Inc. The American tile company has built a terrific reputation based on exemplary tiles that inspire designers to dream big.
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Ottimo Ceramics
Ottimo CeramicsAnaheim, CAAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
At Ottimo Ceramics, sensational designs are just the beginning. The American tile company has amassed an impressive selection of tiles that can be used on floors and walls in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and endless other settings. With all the available options, the ideal tile is waiting to be discovered.
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Ragno USA
Ragno USASunnyvale, TXAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
Browsing among Ragno USA’s expansive selection of porcelain and ceramic tiles involves choosing among effects like mosaic, stone, marble, and wood. The sheer amount of options that the American tile company provides makes it certain that your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, or outdoor space can be beautified with ease.
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RefinSalvaterra, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
Generations of Italian tilemaking excellence influence every porcelain and ceramic tile that Refin creates. The beauty of kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and all types of commercial spaces can be improved upon with the Italian tile company’s compelling designs. Plus, every Refin tile is 100% designed and produced in Italy!
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Saime Ceramiche
Saime CeramicheModena, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
The symbiotic relationship between the classic style of Italian tile and modern production processes is fully evident at Saime Ceramiche. The company’s spirited and eye-catching ceramic tiles are available in both indoor and outdoor applications to provide countless opportunities to let your creativity and personal identity shine.
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SicheniaSassuolo, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
From the quietest homes to the busiest commercial spaces, Sichenia tiles are suited to both the design preferences and functional requirements of all locales. The beloved Italian tile company oversees a catalog bursting with personality, with porcelain and ceramic tiles available in contemporary, marble, wood, and stone effects.
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Soho Studio
Soho StudioBrooklyn, NYAmerican tiles in Sacramento, CA
Seeking out Soho Studio for a residential or commercial remodel is always a fantastic decision on account of the company’s remarkable selection of tile types, designs, and colors. From marble and glass to porcelain and terrazzo, the company offers among the more extensive inventories of American tile on the market.
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TaginaGualdo Tadino, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
Known for crafting fine porcelain stoneware that maintains its impressive durability in indoor and outdoor spaces alike, Tagina has become a regular choice for customers seeking Italian tile. The company oversees a catalog brimming with options for projects of all scopes, with effects ranging from marble to wood.
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Valmori Ceramica
Valmori CeramicaModena, ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
Unlocking the full potential of ceramics is a goal that Valmori Ceramica is always striving for, even with perfection seemingly achieved. The company’s diverse collections of Italian tile are available in an abundance of designs and colors, elevating ceramics to premier status on account of remarkable quality and craftsmanship.
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VersaceSpezzano Di Fiorano Modenese (mo), ItalyItalian tiles in Sacramento, CA
A staple of the Italian tile industry for several decades, Versace builds on the legacy of its iconic founder with collections of ceramic tiles that are stunning in their sophistication. The company’s luxury tiles are prominently featured in some of the most lavish homes and commercial spaces around the world.
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